NAM helps their clients manage Investor Relations online

Investor Friendly Websites

For a corporate website, investor relations are one of the primary components along with Public Relations, Company Information and Employment Information. NAM helps their clients manage Investor Relations online in a way that appeals to both individual and professional investors.

While companies must publish essential financial information to attract and retain investors, they also should be aware of the type of content and features that would appeal most to the users. The investors want to know the company’s own stories and investment vision.

NAM helps their clients attain exactly that. We help you to offer simple yet effective design and a lucid vision than just leaving visitors tangled in incomprehensible data. Whether it be handling the entire IR initiative or supporting it with routine tasks that fuel the IR effort, NAM is the partner you need. Our clients completely trust us with activities such as handling the web domain server, managing web content, providing a branded email setup, managing mailing lists and sending out mail alerts to subscribed users, and keeping social media channels updated. Our special services include creating and publishing corporate videos and Research Reports through our strategic partner,